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I was born in Boston in 1945 to parents who were passionate about art. They set me up with art supplies as a two year old and sent me to art school at the age of ten. I went to the Farnsworth School of Art in North Truro, MA with Helen Sawyer and Jerry Farnsworth who themselves had been students of Charles Hawthorne, a student of William Merritt Chase. The first 5 years I was there I never used a brush. I was encouraged to paint only with a palette knife so as to keep my colors clean. I began with still lifes and around age 14 started to paint portraits as well. I was the only child at the school and was given a tremendous amount of support for my work. I spent a lot of time at museums during this time, and was particularly drawn to paintings by Van Gogh, Gauguin, Matisse, Degas, and Cezanne.

I majored in art at Stanford University where I was fortunate to have Nathan Olivera as one of my teachers. I remember loving a show at the Stanford Museum my freshman year by Wayne Thiebaud. I minored in art history and was treated to the eloquence of Albert Elsen, a Rodin scholar, who made modern art come alive for me.

After graduating with a BA in Art, I went on to get a master's degree in education at the University of Denver, thinking that teaching would be a way I could make a living. But after a year of teaching art to junior high school students, I realized that was not the right path for me. After a few years devoted to parenting, I went back to Stanford and studied psychology, receiving a PhD in 1985. After eight years as a practicing psychologist, I returned to my first love and began to paint full time in 1993.

Along with returning to painting, my interest in psychology evolved into an interest in spirituality. Over the last 10 years I have spent a good deal of time at retreats with various teachers, settling predominantly three years ago with Rupert Spira, a teacher of Non -Duality.

During the last fifteen years I have been represented by five different galleries: Addison Arts Gallery in Santa Fe, NM; Sardella Fine Arts in Aspen, CO; Katherine Markel Fine Arts in NY, NY; J Crist Gallery in Boise, ID; and The Munson Gallery in both Santa Fe, NM and Chatham, MA. The Santa Fe, Aspen, and Boise galleries no longer exist.

Starting in 1998 I have been in shows in Boston, Denver, Chatham, and Truro, with two two-person shows in Santa Fe.

Over the years I have been influenced by photography, particularly by some of the beautiful atmospheric Steichens, and by what I can do with a camera using varying degrees of focus. I have loved the pastel landscapes by Degas, charcoal drawings by Seurat, all Rothkos, the representational Richters, Mondrian's early trees, Redon's flowers, and the more abstract Turners.